Global Market

"Cardiovascular disease is the major cause of mortality globally. However, in HICs and some upper-MICs, deaths from cancer are now more common than those from cardiovascular disease, indicating a transition in the predominant causes of deaths in middle-age. As cardiovascular disease decreases in many countries, mortality from cancer will probably become the leading cause of death" The Lancet, Sep 2019

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Precision Diagnostics

Today, diagnostics is used for 70 percent of decision making in medical care plans, yet it represents only 2 percent of the overall treatment cost. By investing in and delivering precision diagnostics, Platinae enables analysis of the DNA and RNA samples to measure individual traits and propensity for disease which in turn allows for precision medicine.

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Personalised Medicine

On-demand Biomanufacturing requires rethinking drug manufacturing from the ground up. Ever since mass production of medicines began, manufacturers have relied on batch chemistry. By deploying Biopharma the manufacturing is reduced to the size of a suitcase, allowing the on-demand production of tailored medicine to an individual patient, specific to their needs and genetic profile.

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Platinae was founded in 2019 to combine Precision Diagnostics and on-demand Biomanufacturing to deliver Personalized Medicine for a tailored treatment program for highly successful outcomes in the worlds largest markets of Cardiovascular disease and the ever increasing growth in Cancer for aging populations in the developed world. With international leadership combined with Indian R&D to address these unmet market needs.